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DT-300 Electroacoustic Device for Zeta Potential Characterization

(Available in: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam)

This pulse technique device measure electroacoustic signals at frequencies from 1 to 10MHz for either pure liquids or colloids. The DT-300 works as a standalone probe suitable for in-sample or on-line measurements. The theory for the zeta potential calculation has been developed and documented in multiple sources and has been experimentally verified up to 45 vol%. A full range of options including titration, additional sensors, and sampling systems is available.

Calculated Parameters - Zeta Potential [mV]+-(0.5% + 0.1)
Measured Parameters - Temperature0 to 100°C
Measurement time in aqueous system0.5 minutes
Measurement time in non-aqueous system0.5 - 5 minutes
Sample RequirementNo restrictions