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Dilatometer (DIL)

(Available in: Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam)

A technique in which a dimension of a substance under a negligible load is measured as a function of temperature while the substance is subjected to a controlled temperature program. Dilatometer can be applied for any material such as ceramic, glass, plastic, metal and also can be used for several type of material such as solid, liquid, paste and powder.

Facts and Advantages (*depending on model):
  • Horizontal design --> Easy sample handling, does not require special sample preparation
  • Homogeneous temperature profile
  • High accuracy
  • NanoEye, , the novel opto-electrical displacement system, features perfect linearity and maximum resolution over a measuring range (For the New DIL 402 Expedis)
Temperature range-180...2,800°C
ResolutionUp to 0.1nm (DIL 402 Expedis Supreme version)
2 nm, over the entire measuring range (DIL 402 Expedis Classic version)
AtmosphereOxidizing, reducing, inert and vacuum
Max. specimen size52 mm. long, 20 mm. diameter