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Cutting Mills

(Available in: Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam)

Cutting Mills are especially suited for grinding of soft to medium-hard, fibrous or tough materials (including plastics), as well as heterogeneous substance mixtures. In a cutting mill, samples are comminuted through cutting and shearing. The final fineness is determined by a sieve insert. With FRITSCH Cutting Mills, it is possible to remove the grinding parts with minimal or no use of tools so that cleaning can be performed quickly and efficiently.

Examples of application
Cutting Mills can be used to grind rubber, plastics, leather, paper, cardboard, tissues, wood, non-metallic waste, coal, animal feeds, maize, grain, confectionery, malt, farinaceous products, spices, dried meat, bones, horn, dragees, tablets, leaves, fibres, peat, roots, tobacco, cork, straw or film.
Cutting Mills Products