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Materials Testing > Particle Sizer and Zeta Potential Analyser > Pore Size Distribution and Surface Area Analyser


(Available in: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam)

BELSORP mini-II is a compact, precision instrument for measuring surface area and pore size distribution by the volumetric gas adsorption technique. The BEL patented Advanced Free Space Measurement (AFSM) method for the measurement of dead volume enables the BELSORP mini-II to achieve highest accuracy and repeatability. Powerful and easy to use software BEL MASTER makes the BELSORP mini-II ideal for both QC and research applications

  • Multi sample measurement - 3 independent sample measurement ports
  • Advanced Free Space Measurement - for highest accuracy and repeatability
  • Saturation vapor pressure measurement
  • Wide measurement range and high sensitivity
  • ISO 9277 and JIS Z8830 compliant

Measurement principleVolumetric gas adsorption method + AFSM
Sample ports3 ports
Specific surface area0.01msq/g and above
Pore size distribution0.35 to 200nm / Pore volume resolution 0.025µL
Pressure measurementNo. of pressure sensor : 5 units
Measurement range : 0 - 133kPa
Accuracy +-0.25% of FS (specification of manufacturer)
Resolution : 4Pa
Dewar vesselVolume : 2L
Holding time : 30 hours
Analysis programAdsorption / desorption isotherm
Specific surface area by BET or Langmuir method
Micropore volume and mesopore size by t-plot, MP method or αs method
Mesopore distribution by BJH, DH or CI.