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Materials Testing > Particle Sizer and Zeta Potential Analyser > Pore Size Distribution and Surface Area Analyser


(Available in: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam)

BELSORP-max is designed to measure wide range adsorption isotherm for surface area and pore size distribution analysis. It can measure adsorption isotherms from relative pressure as low as 1 x 10-8 (N2 at 77K, Ar at 87K), using a 13.3Pa pressure transducer. With the new method of free space measurement (AFSM), adsorption can be measured with high accuracy. BELSORP MAX, high-end adsorption instrument that provides all the researchers in any field and industries with useful information for surface characterization.

  • Accurate wide range pressure measurement - from extremely low pressure to 133kPa
  • Multi sample measurement - equipped with 3 independent analysis ports.
  • Multipurpose - variety of gases and vapors can be used as adsorptive.
  • Chemisorption option
  • Thermostatic air oven

Measurement principleVolumetric gas adsorption method + AFSM
Analysis portsSTD mode : 3 ports
High accuracy mode : 2 ports
Specific surface area0.01m2/g and above (N2/77K, Ar/87K)
0.0005m2/g and above (Kr/77K)
Pore size distribution0.35 to 500nm in pore diameter
Pressure measurementNo. of pressure sensor : 8 units
Measurement range : 0.0133kPa - 133kPa
Dewar vesselVolume : 2.6L
Holding time : 60 hours
Vacuum gaugePirani + Cold cathode gauge (ATM - 5x10-7Pa)