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Polymer Technology > Polymer Test Equipments > Ageing Oven

Ageing Oven

(Available in: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia)

ELASTOCON Ageing Ovens are for precision ageing of rubber and plastic materials. The ovens perform well inside the apparatus requirements in ISO 188, IEC 811 and other equivalent standards.

Cell Ageing Ovens with four or six cells
Elastocon presents the latest generation of cell ovens for the precision ageing of polymer materials. Manufactured in 4 or 6 cell configurations, the ovens are available with either single temperature controller or multiple (individual) cell controllers.
  • Improved insulation for lower energy consumption
  • Lower surface temperature.
  • Settings are done on a colour touch screen.
  • Micro PLC control.
  • Resettable countdown timer for each cell.
  • Individual cell identifier – “Test name”.
  • Alarm history
  • Comply with standards: ISO 188 method A, IEC 60811-1-2, IEC 60216-4-3

Cabinet Ageing Ovens

Cabinet Ovens with excellent temperature stability and distribution achieved by using an inner chamber with a controlled air flow.

The ovens can be supplied in two sizes, with 60 or 120 l useful volume (EB 04-II and EB 10-II).

These ovens are ideal for ageing finished products and large test pieces which are unsuitable for cell ovens. Both shelves and rods are supplied with these ovens for accommodating most types of samples. The settings are done on the colour touch PLC screen.
  • The ovens perform well inside the apparatus requirements in ISO 188, IEC 811, IEC 60811-1-2, IEC 60216-4-1, ASTM D 3012 , ISO 4577 and other equivalent standards (depending on models).
  • Special design with controlled air exchange rate and low or high air speed.
  • Improved insulation
  • Lower surface temperature
  • Touch screen control utilising a micro PLC
  • Countdown timers
  • Alarm history
  • Test names can be given in the PLC
  • Improved door with hinges and two point locking
  • Improved door sealing
  • Easier shelf installation and removal
  • Four glass window (option EB 04-IIW)
  • Sensor that turns off the fan and heating when opening the door (option EB 04-IIDS)
  • Access Port (option EB 04-AP)

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