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ABREX Hand Abrasion Tester

(Available in: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia & Vietnam)

INNOWEP ABREX Hand abrasion tester simulates human contact imitating force, contact angle, smear, geometry, finger texture and chemical effects. Any final product, component of various shapes (smooth, concave/convex & structure surfaces) can be tested. Standardized chemical effects such as artificial sweat, hand creams, cleaning product, etc can be used.

  • repeatable & reproducible results due to a standardized testing procedures.
  • flexibility of the instrument leads to universal usage
  • real-life abrasion including chemo-mechanical effects in contrast to others tests such as abrasive wheels, flat rub and scuff
ABREX Chemo-mechanical Hand Abrasion tester is used according to the following standards:
  • DIN EN 60068-2-70 / IEC 68-2-70
  • BMW GS 97034 / GS 97045
  • Daimler DBL 7384
  • Ford WSS-M2P188-A1
  • EWIMA specification
  • Sony Ericsson 45/152 41- FEA 202 8139 Uen
  • NailScratch "Industrial" - simulate the friction by human finger nail
  • NailScratch "Automotive"
  • Shoe sole test - for testing the resistance against shoe soles
  • Fingerprint test - for affinity test of fingerprints and cleaning properties
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