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Workshop on Transition Temperature Microscopy: A new technique for probing the local thermal properties of coatings and multi-layer films at the micro and nanoscale

Date & Time: 04th June 2010,9am to 4pm

Venue: SIMTech (Tower block, Level 3, Training room 1), Singapore

Description: A total of more than twenty participants from both research institutions and industries had attended the full day workshop jointly organized by Anasys Instruments and LMS Technologies Pte Ltd. During the workshop, the invited speaker, Mr. Khoren Sahagian has presented the technology and various applications of localized nanoscale thermal analysis and Infrared spectroscopy, followed by the demonstration of the VESTA instrument, which is the world's first "point and click" instrument for localized thermal analysis and Transition Temperature Microscopy.

Abstract of Presentation: Transition Temperature Microscopy (TTM) is a novel local thermal analysis technique that maps spatial variations in thermal properties on length scales from millimeters to nanometers. Traditional bulk thermal analysis provides a sample-averaged result and cannot generally supply sufficient information about complex structures or heterogeneities within films or coatings. There currently exists a nanoscale thermal analysis (nano-TA) technique where a nanoscale thermal probe heats a localized region on the sample surface in order to measure its thermal properties, including thermal transition temperatures like crystalline melting points and glass transitions. TTM enables these nano-TA measurements to be carried out rapidly at a succession of points, thus creating automated high resolution spatial maps of the thermal properties of a sample. In this presentation, we also demonstrate how Transition Temperature Microscopy can be used to characterize chemical and structural heterogeneities and thereby generate vital information in applications ranging from coating defects, to in-situ property measurement of individual layers in multi-layered films, to the detection of gradients and interfaces.

About the speaker: Mr. Khoren Sahagian is an applications scientist at Anasys Instruments. Khoren is involved in the design, development and testing of the Nano-TA and VESTA products and currently focuses on applying the breakthrough Transition Temperature Microscopy (TTM) technique to samples in different applications. He graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a BS in mechanical engineering.

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