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Date: 14th - 16th August, 2011

Venue: Goodwood Park Hotel, Scotts Road, Singapore

The theme of the conference: "Recent Advances in the Technology of Fresh Concrete", features Prof. Olafur H. Wallevik from Reykjavik University, Iceland and a panel of keynote and special speakers.

Organized by CI-Premier Pte Ltd.

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About Dr. Wallevik

Dr. Olafur H. Wallevik has worked with the rheology of concrete and other cement based particle suspensions since he finished his master thesis on that theme at the Norwegian Institute of Technology in 1983. In the year 1987 he made the first version of the BML Viscometer. He received his doctor degree in rheology from the same university in 1990. His special fields are Rheology of Fresh Concrete, High Performance Concrete, High Strength Concrete, Self-Compacting Concrete and Microstructures.

Dr. Wallevik is the head of the concrete division at Innovation Center Iceland and the manager of ConTec Ltd.

About ConTec

ConTec specializes in concrete technology, especially in rheology of cement based materials such as cement paste, mortar and concrete.

ConTec produce viscometers and share their knowledge to the community in the form of lecturing and consulting. ConTec offer not only instruments but also their professional service in consulting and lecturing to those in the industries, universities or research institutions who work with problems related to fresh concrete properties and/or others cement based particle suspension such as cement paste, grout, repair materials, mortar, for instance self leveling flooring grout.

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