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About Us

LMS is an established engineering trading and services company founded in 1995 by a group of engineers with more than 20 years of experience in the distribution of scientific instruments.

The LMS Group of Companies, with its head office in Singapore and subsidiaries in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and China, underscore our commitment to provide efficient sales and service support to all our customers in East Asia and further entrench our position as the leading distributor of scientific instruments and technical consultant for
  • Materials Characterization & Processing
  • Analytical, Bio-technology & Life Science
One of the key reasons for our success is the philosophy to represent exclusively Principals who are market leaders worldwide and therefore distribute only products with a strong reputation for quality and service support.

Within this context, our services are most eminent in the chemical, petro-chemical, plastic & rubber, metal, wood, paint & ink, electronic, semi-conductor, automobile, aerospace, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and biomedical industries as well as the various national research and educational institutions.

LMS is a service-oriented company that strive to achieve excellence in all that we do so as to thrive and remain relevant in the future. The needs of our customers for testing services, training personnel, developing test methods, ISO qualifications, applications and technical services issues will take precedence over the mere distribution of such products. To meet this challenge, LMS work closely with our Principals and consultants who are not only specialized in their respective fields but have achieved excellence both academically and professionally in their private and public careers.

Continuing the tradition of sharing and transferring knowledge and experiences, LMS regularly conducts and participates in technical seminars, workshops and conferences in close collaboration with our consultants as well as experts from our Principals and national institutions.

Our dedication to the Science and our desire to be a "One-Stop Technology Provider" to our customers will remain as the basic attributes to our continued success!

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